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Amazon Orders

Earn money for KI with your Amazon order.
Use the links on this page to place your Amazon order and earn a commission for us.

Building a Jewish Library

Amazon Orders--General Merchandise

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How the Amazon Associates Plan Works

What to do:

  1. Click on an link on one of these pages.
  2. Or use this link, bookmark it, and use it to visit Amazon every time: KI's Amazon link
  3. Shop on; place items in your Shopping Cart.
  4. Don't visit any other website before you check out, and check out within 24 hours of selecting your purchases.
  5. Check out.

What not to do:

  1. Do not visit from another site either directly or from a bookmarked link if you intend to have KI credited for your purchase(s).
  2. Do not place items in your Shopping Cart unless you have entered Amazon from the KI site.
  3. Do not visit Amazon from another site either directly or from a non-KI bookmarked link if you have placed items in your Shopping Cart but have not yet checked out.

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