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Cookbooks for the Jewish Home

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Avrutick, Frances R. The Complete Passover Cookbook. Jonathan David Publishers. 1981. AISN/ISBN: 0824602625.

The granola recipe alone may make you wish Passover lasted more than 8 days!

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Blau, Esther, Tzirrel Deitsch, and Cherna Light. Spice and Spirit: The Complete Kosher Jewish Cookbook. Lubavitch Women's Cookbook. 1990. AISN/ISBN: 082660238X.

Recipes are organized by the type of dish they describe and offers suggestions for when to make the dishes, and includes symbols indicating whether a recipe is fast, gourmet, international, and/or appropriate for Shabbat and holidays. It includes challah baking and braiding instructions, and an introduction to the concept of kosher.

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Leviton, Roberta. The Jewish Low-Cholesterol Cookbook. Paul S. Eriksson. 1978. AISN/ISBN: 0839742061.

To stay truly healthy, we must drastically reduce the amount of cholesterol in our diets. From borscht to baba ganoush, here are more than 200 kosher, low-cholesterol recipes that would warm any Jewish mother's heart--or anyone who longs for meals like mother used to make.

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Levy, Faye. Jewish Cooking for Dummies. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.. 2001. AISN/ISBN: 0764563041.

In this entertaining guide, the author takes the mystery out of Jewish cooking, explaining holiday traditions, kosher dietary laws, and the cultural as well as culinary heritage of Jewish food. The book provides advice on putting together a memorable Passover seder, and tips on shopping for kosher foods and keeping a kosher kitchen.

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Marks, Gil. The World of Jewish Cooking. Simon & Schuster. 1996. AISN/ISBN: 0684824914.

Recipes for Jewish foods together with their history and modern usage.

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Marks, Gil. World of Jewish Entertaining: Menus, Recipes and Helpful Hints for Celebrating Holidays and Life-Cyc. Simon & Schuster. 1998. AISN/ISBN: 0684847884.

The author of The World of Jewish Cooking takes us one step further with a "take-you-by-the-hand" guide to the planning, purchasing, preparing and presentation of food in the Jewish home at every season of the year.

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Nathan, Joan. Children's Jewish Holiday Kitchen. Schocken. 2000. AISN/ISBN: 0805210563.

Contains recipes of edibles children love to make and love to eat for all the Jewish holidays. Recommended for all ages with adult supervision.

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Nathan, Joan. Jewish Cooking in America. Alfred A. Knopf. 1998. AISN/ISBN: 0375402764.

Nathan, "dean of the Jewish cookbook" has updated her popular book to include new recipes based on new eating habits in the 1990s. A staple in every kitchen, it provides recipes for traditional Jewish foods as well as extensive creative ideas to add that special touch to your meals.

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Nathan, Joan. The Jewish Holiday Baker. Schocken Books. 1997. AISN/ISBN: 0805241426.

The work contains recipes taken from an international assemblage of Jewish bakers with step-by-step instructions for every kind of bread and cake imaginable!

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Roder, Claudia. The Book of Jewish Food: An Odyssey from Samarkand to New York. Alfred A. Knopf. 1996. AISN/ISBN: 0394532589.

This award-winning book is much more than a cookbook, containing, in addition to a large number of recipes from both Ashkenazic and Sephardic kitchens, fascinating information from the myriad of cultures that influenced the dishes representing the scattering of the Jews throughout the Diaspora.

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Sternberg, Robert. The Sephardic Kitchen. HarperCollins. 1996. AISN/ISBN: 0060176911.

Easy-to-follow Mediterranean recipes are greatly enhanced by anecdotes, folk tales, essays about Sephardic homemaking, customs and culture.

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