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Prayer Books and Guides

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Birnbaum, Philip (ed.). The Daily Prayerbook: Ha-Siddur Ha-Shalem. Hebrew Publishing Co. 1977. AISN/ISBN: 0884820548.

A popular siddur for the traditional service (Orthodox) for over twenty years, this siddur is still used in many synagogues and homes. The Hebrew and English appear on facing pages with brief explanations.

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Cohen, Jeffrey. Blessed Are You: A Comprehensive Guide to Jewish Prayer. Jason Aronson. 1993. AISN/ISBN: 0876684657.

Primarily for the layperson, this is an encyclopedic presentation of the important aspects of Jewish prayer, offering short definitions and explanations of individual prayers as well as providing complete services.

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Donin, Hayim Halevy. To Pray as a Jew: A Guide to the Prayer Book and the Synagogue Service. Basic Books. 1991. AISN/ISBN: 0465086284.

This book addresses the religious and practical aspects of traditional Jewish prayer with explanations, commentary and teachings useful to those of all levels of practice.

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Hammer, Reuven. Entering Jewish Prayer. Schocken Books. 1993. AISN/ISBN: 0805210229.

This book is for those who want to know more about the meaning of the prayers and why we pray. It addresses many basic issues, provides background, and includes a how-to guide for the modern worshipper.

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Hoffman, Lawrence A. (ed.). My People's Prayer Book. Vol I: The Sh'ma and Its Blessings. Jewish Lights. 1997. AISN/ISBN: 1879045796.

This siddur provides a diverse commentary to the section of the traditional liturgy and includes the traditional Hebrew, a modern translation, and commentaries from respected Jewish scholars from all perspectives: Bible, history, halakhah, feminism, and more.

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Kahan, Leonard (ed.). Siddur Sim Shalom. The Rabbinical Assembly. 1998. AISN/ISBN: 0916219011.

The Conservative siddur includes gender sensitive language, clearer layout, better use of transliteration and increased readings.

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Scherman, Nosson. Artscroll Transliterated Linear Siddur: The Seif Edition. Artscroll/Mesorah Publications. 1998. AISN/ISBN: 1578191505.

The book is printed with Hebrew on the right, transliterated Hebrew to the left of the corresponding line, and English translation directly below. This allows people who do not read Hebrew to follow the service and people who do read Hebrew to better understand its literal meaning.

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Stern, Chaim (ed.). Gates of Prayer: The New Union Prayerbook. Central Conference of American Rabbis. 1975. AISN/ISBN: 0916694003.

This siddur is the standard liturgical work of the Reform Movement. It contains a variety of services for weekdays, Sabbath and festivals.

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Teutsch, David A. (ed.). Kol Haneshamah: Shabbat Vehagim. The Reconstructionist Press. 1994. AISN/ISBN: 0935457461.

This siddur is used in Reconstructionist services, and provides egalitarian language and transliteration of the Hebrew prayers.

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