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Women's Voices and Ritual

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Adler, Rachel. Engendering Judaism: A New Theology and Ethics. Jewish Publication Society. 1999. AISN/ISBN: 0807036196.

The author "engenders" a Judaism that both men and women recreate and renew as equals and one in which women's concerns transform our understanding and practice of Jewish law, prayer, sexuality and marriage.

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Biale, Rachel. Women and Jewish Law: The Essential Texts, Their History, and Their Relevance for Today. Schocken Books. 1995. AISN/ISBN: 0805210490.

This work offers an look at some of the major issues Jewish women are addressing today based on halachic sources.

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Cantor, Aviva. Jewish Women, Jewish Men. Harper San Francisco. 1995. AISN/ISBN: 0060613599.

The author views a patriarchal society through a 20th-century lens. She presents a sweeping analysis of Jewish history in this light with a unique view of the past and a modern vision for the future.

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Fishman, Sylvia Barack. A Breath of Life: Feminism in the American Jewish Community. Free Press. 1995. AISN/ISBN: 0874517060.

Fishman, a professor at Brandeis University, surveys the rise of American Jewish feminism beginning with Biblical times. She traces its growth from its beginning to the contemporary scene and shows its growth in all major trends in Judaism today.

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Frankel, Ellen. Five Books of Miriam: A Woman's Commentary on the Torah. Grosset/Putnam. 1996. AISN/ISBN: 0399141952.

This is a dialogue between women past and present which parallels the weekly Torah portion structure. The commentaries range from folksy to scholarly and draw upon midrashic sources as well as modern works.

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Orenstein, Debra (ed.). Lifecycles I: Jewish Women on Life Passages and Personal Milestones. Jewish Lights. 1994. AISN/ISBN: 1879045141.

Essays by notable women authors cover the entire spectrum of life's passages from ceremonies around childbirth to new perspectives on aging. The approach includes traditional concepts, innovative observances and a guide to creating new rituals.

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Plaskow, Judith. Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism from a Feminist Perspective. Harper San Francisco. 1991. AISN/ISBN: 0060666846.

Offering a feminist critique of Judaism as a patriarchal tradition and exploring the increasing involvement of women in naming and shaping Jewish tradition, this book is becoming a basic work in the field of feminist writing.

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Reimer, Gail Twersky and Judith A. Kates. Beginning Anew: A Women's Companion to the High Holy Days. Touchstone/Simon&Shuster. 1997. AISN/ISBN: 0684826879.

Two childless women, Sarah and Hannah are "granted the gift of pregnancy through the direct intervention of God." This is the focus of twenty-four of the leading contemporary women writers who present their views on the Biblical texts read on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

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Reimer, Gail Twersky and Judith Kates (eds.). Reading Ruth: Contemporary Women Reclaim a Sacred Story. Ballentine. 1994. AISN/ISBN: 0345380339.

Notable women writers on the American Jewish scene present a modern literary approach to themes in the Book of Ruth.

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