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Israel and Zionism

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Hertzberg, Arthur (ed.). The Zionist Idea: A Historical Analysis and Reader. Jewish Publication Society of America. 1997. AISN/ISBN: 0827606222.

The book is a collection of articles written from 1843 to 1948 by about three dozen leading Zionists all of whom contributed to the building of the state of Israel.

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Herzog, Chaim. Living History: A Memoir. Pantheon. 1996. AISN/ISBN: 067943478X.

Herzog, twice president of Israel (1983-93), has written an exhilarating autobiography, at once a stirring personal and political testament to some of this century's major events. Sprinkled with his brutally candid assessments of Golda Meir, Shimon Peres, Moshe Dayan, Kurt Waldheim, Reagan, Arafat and others, his memoir ends on an optimistic note, envisaging a genuine Middle East peace that could facilitate joint Israel-Arab economic and technical cooperation.

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Hoffman, Lawrence A. Israel: A Spiritual Travel Guide. A Companion for the Modern Jewish Pilgrim. Jewish Lights. 1998. AISN/ISBN: 1879045567.

This book assists the contemporary pilgrim in an exploration of the spiritual meaning of the ancient and modem Land of Israel. The book is organized in a reference format and includes ancient blessings, medieval prayers, biblical references and modern poetry.

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Sachar, Howard M. (ed.). A History of Israel From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time. Knopf. 1996. AISN/ISBN: 0679765638.

The story of a dream turned into reality, the book describes the beginnings in the 19th century through the Oslo Agreement of 1994. Events appear in chronological order beginning with the growth of modern Zionism.

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