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Guide for Setting Up the Meal of Condolence

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Contact the family to arrange a time to visit the home briefly to see the physical layout for the meal and to get any specific instructions they may have.

Some Questions to Resolve

During the Funeral

Specific procedures will depend on the particular house and family requests.

Designate someone to be in charge of receiving advance food donations at the home and transporting food to the home for the meal of condolence during the funeral. Request that ALL donated food will be on dishes that do not need to be returned, to the extent possible.

General Arrangements

Items to Bring

Hard-cooked eggs (get a volunteer to prepare these)
Coffee (decaf)
Bagels (one for every two people; get them sliced at the store)
Cream cheese
Ice (bagged) for water
Cooler, if needed.
Plastic table covers (quiet colors such as white, dark blue)
Paper plates
Plastic cups (for hot and cold)
Plastic flatware
Serving spoons, etc.
Paper napkins
Large waste barrel from KI with heavy-weight garbage bags
Serving bowls and platters from KI
Large basket for bagels from KI
Plastic wrap, foil, food storage bags from KI