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KIvunim School-A Snapshot

Kivunim means "Directions."

In our KIvunim School, students follow
various paths in pursuit of Jewish learning.

Our School:

  • KIvunim School provides a unique learning experience for Jewish children in the Lansing area.
  • We strive to instill a love of Judaism and establish a foundation for lifelong learning.
  • We get to know our students and families well.
  • We have the opportunity to be flexible and meet the needs of each family.
  • Students receive individualized attention.

Our Teachers:

  • Adult congregant volunteer teachers are experienced educators.
  • Young adult teachers who are students at MSU are knowledgeable and fun mentors.
  • Teen congregant volunteer madrichim (teacher aides) are enthusiastic role models.

Our Classes:

  • We offer teacher-guided, student–directed learning. 
  • Students have choices of activities to achieve the learning goals and requirements in subject areas. Students choose projects that appeal to their unique learning styles to demonstrate learning. 
  • Multi-age classrooms allow for greater socializing and collaborative learning
  • Preschool
    Our parent and child preschool meets once or twice each month. Class time includes stories, songs, movement, crafts, and experiential learning, with a content focus on a few Bible stories sprinkled in.

  • Alef Class
    Students in kindergarten through second grade make up the Red, Orange, and Yellow levels of our multi-age Alef class, meeting on Sunday mornings.

  • Bet Class
    Students in grades 3–7 make up the Green, Blue, Purple, Silver, and Gold levels of our multi-age Bet class, meeting on Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons. Gold level students preparing for b'nei mitzvah engage in project-based learning that focuses on topics of particular interest to each individual.

  • Badges
  • At each color level, students choose activities to achieve their learning goals and earn badges in six content areas:
    • Holidays
    • Hebrew/Tefillot (Prayers)
    • Bible and Sacred Texts
    • Jewish Heritage and Identity
    • Mitzvot
    • Israel

Shabbat School
Several times during the year, Alef and Bet classes meet on Shabbat—either Friday evening, Saturday morning or Saturday evening—joining services with the wider KI community and beginning to take on ritual leadership roles.

Need-based scholarships are available. Contact the director for more information.

Kivunim School is grateful to receive funding from the Ravitz Foundation and the Covenant Foundation for curriculum writing and development of the learning program and materials.

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