Kehillat Israel

Memorial Tree

A Memorial Tree for commemorating deceased individuals is located on the wall just inside the main KI entry door. This memorial tree gives KI members the opportunity to remember a person they care about with a leaf on the tree. The Board has developed the following guidelines for leaves on the tree.


  1. The purpose of the Memorial Tree is to remember deceased individuals who have a connection to a member of KI or to the KI community.
  2. Each leaf will contain up to four lines using a standardized font:
    1. The person's name.
    2. The date of birth (optional) and date of death using the Gregorian calendar.
    3. The person's date of death using the Hebrew calendar.
    4. The relationship of the deceased to a KI member or KI (for example, Loving Mother of John Doe; Founding Member of Kehillat Israel; Dear Friend of Jane Doe and John Smith; etc.).
  3. There will only be one leaf per deceased individual on the tree. We have other ways to memorialize individuals when a large group of people want to be involved to honor a deceased person (e.g., the Daniel Glickman Memorial Fund; purchasing a window and dedicating a plaque for it; etc.)
  4. A donation to KI of $100 or more is requested for each leaf. There is an additional fee of $15 per leaf which covers the cost of engraving.
  5. A nicely decorated Memorial Book is located on a stand below the tree. A person donating a leaf can choose to have information on one side of one page to share more information about the deceased person (e.g., a copy of the obituary, a poem to the person or by the person, a description of the person's life, etc.). for our community and visitors to read. Each page is enclosed in a plastic sheet for protection. These pages will be available to update should people be interested in adding content or acknowledgments at a later time.

If you have any questions, please call B. Wiener.