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Soup, Jews, and Shmooze Internet Program

Go here for a web version of the May 18, 2008 presentation on Internet security.

Synagogue Guidelines

Programs that Benefit KI Purchases

This program continues to provide a small, steady revenue for KI. Please remember to visit Amazon by going through the KI site by using the Amazon link on the home page or go here: Amazon Orders. Even easier: Use this link or the one on the home page to visit Amazon now, then bookmark the Amazon page you arrive at and use that KI-Amazon bookmark for all future visits. By doing this you will ensure that KI will get credit for all of your purchases. Here's how to tell if KI will get credit for your shopping session: Look at the browser address bar. You will see the web address for Amazon beginning with "" Look to the right of this address; you should see this text: "&tag=kehillatisrae-20" embedded in a lot of other text. If you see the KI tag, then you can shop with the knowledge that KI will get a commission on your order.

Memorial Tree Leaf Available For You

The High Holidays are often considered a time for making charitable donations. Additionally, there is a custom of giving charity at the time of saying yizkor in memory of relatives or friends who have passed away. So, this is a good time to be thinking about making a donation to KI for a leaf on the Memorial Tree to memorialize someone who was important to you. To order a leaf, contact the KI office or use this copy of the application form.

Bequests to KI

Have you remembered KI in your will? A bequest to KI will help ensure that our programs and services will continue to benefit the next generation. If you already have a will. it is easy and not very expensive to add a codicil (addition) to your will, giving a percentage of your estate (1% to 5%, for example) to KI in the event of your death. Furthermore, a charitable bequest, like one to KI, is always exempt from Federal Estate Taxation. If you don't have a will and trust, you should have one—so says Suze Orman and hosts of others! Ask your friends for a recommendation of an attorney who can help you prepare a will and trust.

Kroger Fundraiser—Buy Food and Help KI

To participate, you'll need the "Kroger Plus Card," the card used to get sale prices. Once you sign up, KI receives a percentage of every dollar you spend for groceries and other items. You can get the Plus Card at any Kroger store. You'll need the card number to register for the Community Rewards Program online. The Kroger Community Rewards fundraiser program requires annual re-enrollment every April.

To re-enroll your card, simply go to

  • Click the “Sign-In” button.
  • Enter the email address and password you used to enroll your card and click "Sign In."
  • When you've signed in, click the button "View Your Rewards Details."
  • On the bottom of your profile page, click "Re-Enroll."
  • On the "Find your Organization" screen, enter KI's group number (82490) or just "kehillat" and click "Search."
  • "CONGREGATION KEHILLAT ISRAEL" should be listed. Click the dot in front of the name and click "Enroll."
  • You've now re-enrolled KI on your card for the year.

To enroll for the first time, get a Kroger Plus card. Now go to

  • Click "Create an Account."
  • Enter your email address and a password, then confirm your password.
  • Add your Plus Card and last name on the next screen and click "Save."
  • Go to "Community Rewards" (near bottom)
  • Complete the steps. (name, address, etc.).
  • Enter KI's group number (82490) or just "kehillat" and click "Search."
  • "CONGREGATION KEHILLAT ISRAEL" should be listed. Click the dot in front of the name and click "Enroll."
  • You've now enrolled KI on your card for the year.

After you've signed up, you simply use your Kroger Plus Card when you make your purchases; you will get the Kroger sale prices and earn money for KI. You will know KI is earning money when you see "Congregation Kehillat Israel" printed at the bottom of every receipt. If you have any problems, please contact Beverly Wiener.

Fundraising Opportunity Through iGive

Leon says:

I'm not trying to support consumerism but here is a way for KI to earn money when you purchase merchandise online. KI has an account set up with, a portal for many of the merchants you might already buy from such as Barnes & Noble, Eddie Bauer, Land's End and PETsMART. iGive even includes deals with travel sites you might use, such as hotels, car rentals, Travelocity, etc. Your iGive membership is free. Whenever you purchase something from one of the merchants on the site, KI gets a percentage of your purchase (amounts differ for each merchant).

This program is similar to our program but involves many additional merchants (Amazon is not a merchant on iGive so please still use that link on our website for purchases from Amazon and Amazon Marketplace merchants). [Amazon's commissions appear to be higher than iGive's so try Amazon first—Webmaster.] Interestingly, the site says that the money that KI receives from your purchases is tax deductible for you because it is a donation (since you could elect to receive the rebate yourself).

To sign up, click the logo button below. This registers you with KI as the donor when you enter your email address. To shop at an iGive store, either install the iGive browser button that will be offered to you when you register or log into the iGive site and navigate to your shopping destination of choice. The only drawback I experienced is that the site sends you occasional emails highlighting their special deals. However, these emails come less than once a week and I just delete them.

So, although I still don't like gimmicks, it is foolish for us not to take advantage of what is out there since it can help us support important programs at KI by doing nothing more than we would regularly do. If you have any questions or any problems signing up, let me know and I will try to help.

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