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KI Member's Page Registration

Access to the KI Member's Page requires registration. Registration is limited to KI members only; it is important that the email address you use to register is the same as the address in the KI Membership Directory. If it isn't, your access may be delayed until your membership is confirmed. You only need to register to use the site once; to log in after you have registered you will use the "Member Login" option of the "My KI" menu bar item. To begin registration, please click the "Register" button below.

You may need to disable your browser's popup blocker if nothing happens when you click "Register."
Also note that a separate (fast and simple) registration is needed for the Forum.*

After you have completed the registration form, watch your email. Your registration must be validated and your personal account activated. You will receive an email message soon, confirming the activation of your account. You will then be able to access the Member's Page. Be sure to use the "Member Login" option under the "My KI" menu item (above the News Scroller on the home page and in a similar location on other pages). Use this menu option for all future visits to the Member's Page.

* Access to the Forum: Registering for the Member's Page does not provide access to the Forum. Register for the Forum by navigating to the Forum (under menu item "My KI") and selecting "Register" in the menu in the upper right corner; then follow the instructions that appear. You may use the same username and password for Forum and Member's Page access, but each area requires its own log-in process.

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