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Czech Holocaust Torah

The Holocaust Torah is a scroll that KI has on loan from the Westminster Memorial Scrolls Trust in England. This scroll was one of many that were brought to England after World War II and then distributed to synagogues around the world. Visit our Holocaust Torah blog here.

From information provided by the Memorial Scrolls Trust about our Czech Torah:

...congregations in Bohemia and Moravia were required to send their scrolls to the Central Jewish Museum in Prague in 1942. In many cases the place from which the scroll was received may have been a “collection point” and not necessarily the actual community from which a particular scroll came. However in the case of two scrolls that were received from Havlickuv [Nemecky] Brod it is more than likely that they both came from that congregation.

You may be interested to learn that research at the Jewish Museum in Prague has shown that bringing the Jewish treasures to Prague was the result of a remarkable plan devised by a group of Jewish leaders to save these treasures from vandalism and plunder at the deserted provincial synagogues. The Nazis had to authorise the implementation of the Jewish scheme, but there is no evidence to support the legend that there was some Nazi plan to create a “museum to an extinct race.” ...

The 129 Jews from Havlickuv Brod and the surrounding area were deported to Terezin in one of three transports from Kolin on 3, 9, and 13 June 1942. You can find out the names of those Jews who were living in Havlickuv Brod itself in 1941–2 from the Jewish Museum in Prague....

Jews had settled in Havlickuv Brod back in the 14th century, but they were expelled in the mid-15th century and only returned after the relaxation of restrictions on the Jews after 1848. In 1930 there were 146 Jews living in the town but numbers were already in decline. The prayer room on the first floor of 157 Dolni street is now used by the Czech Brethren’s Church. So it is still a place of worship.... The Jewish cemetery still exists but the last burial was in 1939....

The other congregation with a scroll from Havlickuv Brod is Temple Isaiah, Stony Brook, NY.

Other documents from the Memorial Scrolls Trust:

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Donations in support of the repair of the scroll are always welcome. If you choose to assist in this worthwhile project in honor of the memory of those who were killed in the Holocaust, you can designate your contribution for the Czech Torah. Thank you to all who contribute.

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