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KI's Kivunim School

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About Kivunim

Kivunim means "directions." Students have a variety of paths to follow, as they pursue Jewish learning. Read how we implement this goal below.

KI's Kivunim School is an integral part of our community. It is not only the place where children begin a lifetime of Jewish study; for many young families it is the centerpiece of the KI experience. And with many classes led by adult volunteers, it is also a center for adult learning through teaching.

KI pioneered a new model of training a pool of supplementary school teachers. In 1991, the school received a grant from the Covenant Foundation to fund a pilot program in developing "avocational" teachers by recruiting adults, who were not necessarily professional or trained teachers, to learn to teach elementary grade students in religious studies. That the project was an outstanding success is demonstrated by its emulation at other supplementary religious schools around the country. Read about the Avocational Teacher Program here.

In 2013, Kivunim School received funding from the Ravitz Foundation for development of the learning program and materials and from the Covenant Foundation for writing of the new curriculum.

Our preschool is for children aged two through four. The primary focus of this class is on holidays, with a few Bible stories sprinkled in. Class time includes stories, songs, movement, crafts, and experiential learning. Classes are held once or twice each month on Sunday mornings; children are accompanied by a parent. Preschool dates are given in the calendar below.

Read about our KIvunim School on this page: KIvunim School—A Snapshot.

Students in the Red, Orange, and Yellow levels—grades K-2—meet on Sundays in our multi-age Alef class. Students in the Green, Blue, Purple, Silver, and Gold levels—grades 3-7—meet on Sundays and Wednesdays in our multi-age Bet class.

Several times throughout the school year, our Red through Gold level classes meet on Shabbat—whether on Friday evening, Saturday morning, or Saturday evening—instead of Sunday morning. The students experience services and community, and begin to take on leadership roles in the synagogue. School families provide a potluck meal for the congregation on these Shabbatot.

The school has adopted a no-nuts policy to protect its students with nut allergies. No peanut butter, nuts or items containing them, or prepared foods whose labels indicate they were produced in facilities that also process nuts will be served at Kivunim. Families are asked to keep these restrictions in mind when providing food for school snacks or potlucks. Parents whose children have other food allergies are asked to notify the staff of necessary precautions.

School Hours
Grades K–7 Sunday 10:00 a.m.–noon
Grades 3–7 Wednesday 4:15 p.m.–6:00 p.m.
Preschool One or two Sundays per month 10:00 a.m.–noon

Contact the Education Director () for more information.

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