Tikkun Olam Committee: Savings on Energy Efficient Products Through KI’s Membership in MiIPL

KI, through the Tikkun Olam Committee, is now a member of Michigan Interfaith Power and Light (“MiIPL”). The organization is a coalition of congregations across Michigan whose mission is “to involve communities of faith as stewards of God’s creation by promoting and Michigan Interfaith Power & Lightimplementing energy efficiency, renewable energy, and related sustainable practices.” It is part of a national religious response to global warming that includes 17 other Interfaith Power & Light organizations across the United States.

As a member of MiIPL, all KI members are eligible for various discounts. To learn about these discounts, go to www.miipl.org.

Following is a summary of discounts from the MIIPL website.

  • Discounts for Members: Save money while living more sustainably. Benefits are for all congregants belonging to a member house of worship. Save up to 25% on EnergyStar® appliances at ABC Warehouse. (Must follow instructions below!) Eligible EnergyStar® appliances include washers and dryers, refrigerators, window A/C units, TVs, office equipment, and more.
    • Call Kathi Craft at 1-888-222-1929, ext. 327, or reach her assistant Vicki at ext. 303
    • Introduce yourself as a Michigan IPL member
    • Indicate which local store you intend to visit, and they will make sure that someone will be ready to help you with your purchase
  • Save 8% on Michigan Green Safe Products. Michigan Green Safe makes recycled and compostable plates, cups, silverware and more. Simply introduce yourself as a Michigan IPL member when placing your order at 313-871-4000.
  • Get discounts on locally-roasted fair trade coffee at Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company. Use the discount code “IPL10” for 10% off your purchase, including wholesale orders (5lb. bags).
  • Save 10% on energy evaluations from Pure Eco. Contact Ryan at 1-866-270-2370 and identify yourself as a Michigan IPL member.
  • Check out the “Resources” tab of our website for useful information: MichiganIPL.org/Resources

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