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Dear Chevre;

This short communication is to let you know that the KI Board met (online via Zoom) and agreed upon some strategies for keeping connected while abiding by social distancing.  We want everyone to stay healthy and safe.  We hope that all of you are following the recommended guidelines.

KI will remain closed at least until April 5th.  At that time, we will reconvene and decide if we should stay closed longer.  There will be no services or meetings held at KI until further notice. Katherine will be in the office one or two days a week, so if you must see her, schedule time to meet or talk with her.  Katherine is able to do her KI work from home and will have all calls transferred to her phone. Feel free to call the KI office (517-882-0049) if you have any questions.   Frank, our custodian, has disinfected virtually everything in the building.

  1. Rabbi Zimmerman will attempt to stream services that we can all access from home. The videos should be available on Facebook and other social media. Watch for more info on that.

  2.  Sadly, we made the decision to cancel KI’s second seder this year.

  3. We have decided to postpone the Rabbi Zimmerman’s farewell party.  We hope to be able to reschedule it for sometime in June, if it is safe.

  4.  We will attempt to put out a newsletter for April although it could be that the situation and recommendations can change between the time the newsletter is printed and the time you receive it.

  5. The weekend visit by Rabbi Moshe Givental has been postponed.  We hope to be able to have him come the weekend of April 17-19, but again, only if it will be safe.

  6. Kirsten and Robin are going to meet (again, not in person) to discuss ways where our Bikkur Cholim service can be expanded to help those who are at too great a risk to run necessary errands.  Until this is all figured out, please contact Robin should you need someone to pick up groceries, prescriptions, etc.  She will arrange for these types of errands to be run.

That is, it for now.  Please check your email regularly for updated information. You can also check KI’s website,, or our face book page for updated information.  Leon, Robin and the Board welcome your thoughts and suggestions.
L’Briut (to your good health),
Robin Willner & Leon Putler, co-presidents.

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