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In the Sanctuary

  • Men are expected to wear kippot
  • Men are expected to wear tallit when called for an aliyah
  • Women are encouraged to wear tallit for an aliyah
  • Writing is not permitted on Shabbat
  • Photography is not permitted during religious services on Shabbat
  • Sound recording is not permitted during religious services on Shabbat

In the Kitchen

  • The kitchen is a kosher dairy kitchen
  • Absolutely no meat products may be brought into the building for consumption in the Social Hall or classrooms. Fish is permitted.
  • People bringing food into the kitchen are responsible for ensuring that the ingredients contain no animal products except butter, milk, or other dairy items.
  • Any package marked with a Kashrut hechsher identifying the contents as “Pareve” or “Dairy” is acceptable.
  • If no hechsher is present a careful examination of the label must be performed to ensure there is no non-dairy animal component in the product (e.g., chicken broth, lard, animal fat, etc.)
  • More details may be found: Kiddush at KI.

In the Social Hall, classrooms, library, and offices

Writing is permitted on Shabbat in these locations for educational purposes. See Writing on Shabbat for details.