Kitah Alef– Hebrew Learning

Children in Kitah Alef use multiple means to learn about the alef-bet.  Children explore the shapes of letters using pattern blocks.  Children work on recreating familiar prayers with a partner.   Children read/identify the words of the prayer based on their emerging knowledge of letter/sound associations.  Working with a partner, or alone, children can take charge of their own learning!

Slichot Observance

Sarah led the children in a discussion of the 13 attributes of mercy that G-d shows to us.  After exploring the different types of mercy and learning about the tradition of how slichot is observed, children created art to reflect the aspect of mercy with which they most identified.

November Newsletter Article


Kivunim wants to thank everyone who came out for the run for Cristo Rey on October 5th. KI entered six runners and had FOUR division winners! Yashar ko’ach!

We really got into the swing of things in October. The Kitah Bet students finished their first research projects on the Tanach and presented their work to classmates. The kids raised a lot of good questions and showed a real depth of thinking coming up with possible answers to the Torah’s mysteries. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds in store.

Kitah Alef has been busy working on tefillot (prayers), alef-bet, and Torah.

Check out the bulletin board in the hallway for a sampling of how we blend learning prayer and the alef-bet.  Here’s a quick snapshot.

All of us at Kivunim hope that everyone had a great High Holy Day season. Shanah tovah umetukah!

Up-Coming Dates

  • Saturday, November 9th, 11am. Tot Shabbat. Anna Pegler-Gordon and Neil Gordon will lead a lively Tot Shabbat for tots and parents/grandparents.
  • Saturday, November 16th, 10am. Jonny Kalt’s Bar Mitzvah.
  • Sunday, November 17th, 10am. Global Day of Jewish Learning at Shaarey Zedek. We will be continuing our tradition of observing the Global Day of Jewish Learning with our pals at Shaarey Zedek. This year, they will be hosting us.
  • Wednesday, November 20th, 4pm. Sigd. Kitah Bet will be learning about the Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd, celebrating Moses getting the Torah. This will be during normal Hebrew School time.
  • Wednesday, November 27th and Sunday, December 1st. Thanksgiving Break. There will be NO Hebrew School or Sunday School on these days. Have a great Thanksgiving and safe travels!