Hail to the Chief (of Snacks)

This year, Kitah Bet has been learning about the unprecedented political conundrum Israel finds herself in: the Knesset’s inability to form a government after TWO rounds of general elections! We have been talking about the Israeli parliamentary system, how coalition building works, and its differences from our political set-up here at home in the USA.

The first question the kids ask when they walk into the classroom is, “Are there any election updates?” or “Does Israel have a government yet?” Their inquisitiveness and enthusiasm inspired Rozzie (one of the fabulous former MSU students teaching Kitah Bet) to write up a program simulating a parliamentary election. She even made sure that the election results would have a real-world impact the students care about…their snacks!

Click here for some pictures from that day and to find out who won the coveted title of Prime Minister of Snacks.

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