A couple peaks into our online lessons

First up is a screenshot from one of our conversational Hebrew groups. We learned the verb לדעת (to know) and came up with a fun way to remember the feminine plural form: “Yodot יודעות = Yoda likes oats.” One student drew a little Yoda mascot for us in the bottom right corner, too!

Next is a screenshot from a supplemental conversational lesson. We were working on when the prefix “-מ” (“from”) sounds like “mee” and when it sounds like “meh.” As you can see, ice cream took over our train of thought…

Yom Ha’Atzmaut Celebration

During KIvunim yesterday, we learned about the founding of the state of Israel.  As a group, we studied several prototypes of the Israeli flags and discussed the symbolism inherent to the flag used today.

Jake’s group read:

Rozzie’s group read:

Nicole’s group read:

Sarah’s group read:

Then, students and teachers broke into small groups to reflect on the meaning of excerpts from the Israeli Declaration of Independence.  After the discussion, each group worked to “create” a version of a different flag for Israel.  Here are the flags they came up with and a little background on the process and thinking involved.

Jake’s Group

Rozzie’s Group

Our students decided to draw grass and a tree to represent how Israel “conquered the desert.” When Israel first began, they turned the desert green by planting tons of trees. In addition, the students drew the Western Wall and four Jewish stars to represent Israel’s history. Israel is unique because of its Jewish heritage and culture, along with ancient historical ruins that define the country. Lastly, the students used the color blue to represent the sky.

Sarah’s Group

My group had the section of the Declaration of Independence that officially declared the establishment of the State of Israel and promised full equality to all citizens, regardless of what they believe or who they are. We talked about what it meant to be a Jewish state that could still ensure equality to everyone. The kids decided to make their contributions to the flag symbols of acceptance and diversity.

Nicole’s Group

Kids in this group thought about the blue of the color of the current flag and how that connected to the sky you would see in the desert.  At night, the children thought the sky would be clear, with little light pollution.  The constellation scorpio is shown above.  During the day, the blue sky would have a bright yellow sun.