Camp KIvunim / מחנה קיבווּנים

Welcome to Camp KIvunim!  We’re not letting the pandemic shut down summer fun.  We’ll gather twice a week for an hour or so to have fun, engage in outdoor activities, and learn more about Jewish culture and Israel.

Camp is open all to the students of KIvunim!  Email Nicole or Sarah for more info.

Check out what’s happening with the Cooking Chug

Check out what’s happening with the Gardening Chug

Our first sessions start June 3rd.  Chug (elective studies) choices are:

  • Gardening–Get your very own plants to tend and learn about!  A KIvunim counsellor will drop off all the supplies that you need to dig in and get started.  All you need is a bit of ground and you’re set to grow.  Each week we’ll document our plants’ growth, look for insects, and learn more about our plants and farms in the Torah.
  • Fitness–Set goals, get active, make memories!  Set your goals and document your hard work.  While you’re out and about, keep your eyes peeled on your activity Bingo Cards.  Take a picture of each item you find, to make your own digital scrapbook!  Finish your card and receive a prize!  Each week, you’ll learn new stretches, exercises, and fitness facts.   
  • Drama (Kitah Bet) /  Storytime (Kitah Alef)
    • Kitah Bet:  Learn how to create your own 60-90 second movies.  Write a script, set the screen, shoot your footage.  We’ll have a camp wide screening of our movies at the end of the month! 
    • Kitah Alef:  Chillax and listen to a fun story.  When we have extra time, we’ll play Mad-Libs and work on building a story together!
  • Cooking — Whether you know the difference between a julienne and a chiffonade or chop all your onions with a butter knife, this is the chug for you. Every week we will learn the history of food from a different region of the world and you will get the stuff you need to make it! Remember to get a few pics for the scrapbook! (All recipes will be vegan or and/or easily converted to a vegan dish.)