KIvunim Does Israeli Elections

Voting commences…. which snack do you want-  seaweed, apples, pretzels, or graham crackers?

Who should get more– Kitah Alef, Kitah Bet, or everyone gets the same amount?

Results are in– Just like in Israel, there are many different parties.  Who will be able to form a government?

Parties meet and select their leaders, compose their strategies, and decide what they’re willing to compromise on.

The Central Seaweed Party has the largest  collection of votes– five total.  They manage, under the leadership of Jonny, to put together a coalition with the Little Kids Seaweed Party, led by Ari, and the Big Kids Center Graham Cracker and Seaweed Party.

Jonny, leader of the Central Seaweed Party first offered a deal of 7 seaweed and 3 graham crackers to win over the Big Kids Seaweed Party (Silas), the Little Kids Seaweed Party (Ari), and the Central Seaweed/Graham Crackers party (Sasha). However, they later had to compromise to 6 seaweed and 4 graham crackers in order to make the majority coalition with the Central Graham Cracker party (Josh D).

Jonny– Snack Prime Minister