Poetry Chug

Free Verse Shake Down

The kids and Sarah and Dayna collaborated to write free verse poems.  Enjoy!

Commuters and Mythical Creatures

The commuter wakes up early
So that he can feed his dragon, Shirley.
After he feeds her dragon kibble
He sits down so he can have a quick nibble.
After that he commutes to his job,
Which is calming unicorns that sob
Overall, it has been a most satisfactory day.

As I frolic frolic home
I see a griffin fly
In the sky
Farther farther as I go
There I see it a
Unicorn gallop past
Very very fast

The centaur, with his strong legs of four,
Galloped his way to the store.
The commute was long, but he didn’t mind,
Because with the body of a man and the butt of a horse,
He would be there in no time. 

Commuters ride on their hippogriffs.
They go over the hills, and over the cliffs.

What a journey they have begun.
Walking beneath the rising sun.

Get to town before quarter to ten.
But then they’ll have to leave again!

A bus cruises to a stop
Kicking mist out behind its wheels
Work weary eyes peer through fogged windows
Suddenly, movement in the clouds
A tail, the corner of a wing
They rub their eyes and don’t believe them
As a griffin fades back into the shadow

A flea a fly whatever of thy
The flea sucks the soul out of living oh my!
Art the fly more annoying they buzz around thy light
But the flea mite bite art may not take flight.


The kids and Sarah and Dayna collaborated to write a sonnet with the prompt to think about farmers and to be absurd.


O! Ye who till the soil, we marvel at your work
Each farmer who grows one billion corn
And then new crops are born
Tonight we will eat your bounty with a fork
Art we travel to York
To go to a funeral where we will mourn
So sad that we could not bring more corn
Yet we bring our corks

After the funeral we go to see Hamilton
There we hear of farmers refuted
Although it was so boring, we went to bed
While we sang “The Schuyler Sisters,” we slept
And then we went to Coney Island for some fun
On a really high scary ride, I screamed and wept


For their Friday chug rotation, the kids played “I haiku.  Can you?”   Each student was given a word as a prompt.  Here are the haiku that they created!

Dalia’s prompt was moon.

Glistening in sky 

It can be quarter, half, whole

It is beautiful 


Moon shining brightly 

Lighting up the sky and earth

The sun of the night


No moon out tonight

Yet the sky is still so bright

The stars are the light


Sasha’s prompt was sunshine.

The sky is so bright.

The yellow ball in the space.


The gorgeous blue sky 

And the big fire ball sun.

Heats the day with fun.


Ari’s prompt was comet.

A comet comet

Because nothing is right. But

He lives in the coast


Dayna’s prompt was stars.

Light pollution is

So sad, because I can’t see

The beautiful stars


Nicole’s prompt was clouds.

White.  Ethereal.

Forms I dream.  Mysteries.  High

Above my mind.  Escape